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Majestic creatures
with grace & beauty

A unique photography experience for Horses and their riders around the Pittsburgh, PA area

Don't let time pass you by...

Freeze these moments in time with your horse! Having heirloom portraits taken and turned into artwork are a beautiful and unique way to capture the bond and love between you and your equine companion. These portraits will serve as lasting memories of the special relationship you share and can be treasured for years to come. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create stunning and meaningful portraits with your horse.

  • Do you have an older companion who may not be around for many more years? 

  • Are you a show jumper who has a favorite horse and desire to have portraits taken with them?

How your session works.....


Let's Chat

We begin with a quick conversation. Once we determine that we are a great fit for each other, we will work together to make sure the experience and artwork we create is custom to you. By getting to know you & your loved ones, we can create custom artwork pieces that will blend into perfectly into your home.


Your Session

Your session is designed just for you. This session will be full of fun and without pressure. You will laugh and smile, tell stories, make memories, and look back on those moments for years to come will never forget. Come and be your authentic self.


Ordering Appointment

The moment where your images come to life! During this process we will come together to choose your favorite images and select the perfect customized wall art that will compliment your home for years to come. As the years fly by, you won’t regret taking this time to invest in your family.


Meet Kristen

I have always been in love with horses, riding whenever I could.
They are majestic creatures with a unique grace and beauty.
I love their intelligence and loyalty, and their ability to form a special bond with their riders.
I also love the way they can bring out the best in us, teaching us patience and respect while we learn to work together.

Horses are truly wonderful creatures, which is why I also love photographing them! I love the challenge of capturing their beauty and spirit in a single image. It's the perfect combination of art, nature, and animals.

The way they move and react to their environment and their owner is captivating and inspiring. I'm always amazed by their grace and power. Every photo I take is a memorable experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity to capture the beauty of these magnificent animals.


There is never a bad time to be photographed. You will never be able to relive today. So we invite you to set up a time to see how to create heirloom artwork for your family to enjoy for years to come!

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